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Live Stream Yoga Class with Julie 

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Monday - Friday
3:00 pm Pacific
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60 Minute Yoga class

Monday & Friday
 3:00 pm Pacific 

  • Vinyasa Ignite: .60 Minute Practice for all Levels.
  • Focus: Each Tuesday we will work toward a peak pose. All Levels welcome. We will explore balancing poses, arm balances, and backbends. 

Tuesday & Thursday
 3:00 pm Pacific 

  • Yin Yoga: 60 Minute Practice for all Levels
  • Focus: The aim is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility. It also helps us to regulate the body’s flow of energy.

3:00 pm Pacific 

  • Beginners Yoga: Increase flexibility with this weekly full body yoga stretch class. 45 Min 
  • Focus: Explore opening through the hips, shoulders and more. 

    Julie Arce Yoga

    Instructor: Julie Arce

    My vision is to be a lifelong student of yoga. To integrate the disciplines of the practice in to my modern life of a mom and wife. I strive to expand my knowledge base daily and share with you the the creative insights of my individual journey with integrity and authenticity.

    My passion is to connect with people to their mind-body-spirit in a deeper way that leaves a positive impression on their path, encouraging them to continue to seek what is best for them intuitively.
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    Classes are all levels. Beginners and advanced students are welcome to attend.  No Credit Card is required. Donations are appreciated but not required. 

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